The system secty lifePatron®

Where secty lifePatron® can be used helpfully?

> Single family- and row houses
> Apartment- and multi-story buildings
> Schools, kindergarten
> Hotels, cinemas, theaters
> Administration buildings
> Hospitals
> Industry
> Infrastructure (bridges, tunnels)
> Public warning

In case of emergency what can secty lifePatron® do for you?

> Gives alarm before, indoor and outdoor (public warning)
> Shuts off gas and electricity supplies
> Shuts off the water supply
> Activates emergency power generators
> Parks elevators
> Opens safety doors and gates
> Changes traffic lights in front of bridges and tunnels
> Controls railway signal installations
> Runs data back-up programs
> Triggers safety measures in an existing building management system

How to behave in case of an alarm?

> Take a seat under a doorframe, concrete pillar, support beam or a table!
> Keep away from windows, balconies and outer doors!
> Do not use elevators/lifts!
> Do not try to leave the house. Exception: only if you are on the ground close to an exit leading directly to an open (garden or open space-not narrow streets) when the tremor begins!
> Keep away from buildings, bridges, street lamps and trees (danger of collapse)!
> Keep away from supply lines and electric cables!
> Do not cross bridges, crossing or underground tunnels!
> Do not enter damaged buildings!
> Keep away from rivers – Danger of flooding!

Earthquake emergency rules must be coached

Among other services sectyelectronics® GmbH offers also training courses in the rules of conduct to use the available advanced earthquale early warning time optimally.