Advanced earthquake warning ...

An estimated seven million people lost their lives in earthquakes in the last 500 years

Seismologists record about 20,000 tremors annually. Experts completely agree: millions of people in large metropolitan areas of earthquakeendangered regions of the earth will in the near future be threatened by earthquake disasters, for which they are not, or only inadequately prepared.

In spite of improved building security measures through earthquake resistant construction, thousands of people die in big earthquakes due to collapsing buildings and fi re infernos caused by ruptured gas pipes and live high voltage wires

The functional principle

Earthquakes are temporary vibrations of the soil, spreading from their point of origin in different waves into all directions.

Seismic waves are distinguished between primary waves and secondary waves.

The primary wave of an earthquake is innocuous, imperceptible to the population and spreads from the point of origin - epicenter - of the earthquake faster than the destructive secondary wave.

Consequently, the primary wave always reaches the location of the system first. The secondary wave follows after a time delay. The farther the location of the system from the epicenter of an earthquake, the longer the time period between the arrival of the primary wave and the secondary wave. The period between the arrival of the primary and the secondary wave is the time available for an advance warning of the population and the environment.

Physical connections exist between the primary wave and the secondary wave of an earthquake. The characteristics of the particular primary wave permits estimates as to the force of the following secondary wave and consequently to its expected destructive effects.

secty lifePatron® ist in der Lage, die Primär- und Sekundärwellen eines Erdbebens zu detektieren und zu analysieren.

If a selected threshold level is reached during the detection and analysis by secty lifePatron®, the advance earthquake warning system triggers an optical and acoustic alarm. The threshold level is selected so that the alarm is activated only in case of earthquakes with a destructive effect of the secondary wave for the population and environment.

The functional principle of secty lifePatron® is based on the fact that every earthquake announces itself: "I am on the way".

Scientific expertise -
GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam

secty lifePatron® is the result of a close cooperation between science (GFZ) and sectyelectronics. The functional principle of secty lifePatron® has been approved and certified in independent scientific tests conducted by the GeoForschungsZentrum in Potsdam. 

Did you know...

... that some animals behave unusually before an earthquake approaches? No? Fact is, that some animals, for example, geese, react to those harmless primary waves and indicate the impending danger by their behavior.