Earthquake detector secty lifePatron® MASTER

The basic version of secty lifePatron® consists of the earthquake detector secty lifePatron® MASTER as a stand-alone device with an integrated, rechargeable battery for emergency power. Four sirens (105 decibels) warn inhabitants in case of an impending earthquake and its possible to shut off gas by an electromagnetic gas valve.

Handling of the system is menu-driven through an LCD display (4 x 20 characters), with a console integrated into the front cover of the housing. All pending information and indications are shown in the display.

The system status is indicated visually by LED’s for operation, failure and alarm.

Central Serving and Control Module TABD

There is the option of observing the operation and control functions via TABD from a remote location (security center or gate keeper).

An asset for security!
Redundant earthquake monitoring by
secty lifePatron® SUBMASTER

Earthquake monitoring can be performed by the above-described versions. For this purpose, the MASTER is connected via data lines to the SUBMASTER in a master-submaster arrangement. The MASTER scans all SUBMASTER cyclically and decides on triggering of an alarm of all earthquake detectors. A maximum of 16 advance earthquake warning systems can be connected. Of course, 4 sirens may be installed on each SUBMASTER.

Power supply unit secty lifePatron® PS

PS supplies low voltage to the entire system System secty lifePatron® via a low voltage line. An integrated rechargeable battery emergency power supply secures the operation of the system in case of a power failure. When the MASTER detects and reports an impending earthquake, the optical/acoustic alarm is triggered and sounded through the max. 12 sirens connected to the PS. It is possible to connect up to 15 PS in the system.

Energy Management System secty lifePatron® EMS

When the MASTER detects and reports an impending earthquake, an alarm is also triggered to activate the energy management system EMS. The energy management system EMS then immediately actuates all connected energy systems and electronic building and infrastructure installations.
In this way, for instance, it is possible to

> shut down gas and electricity supplies
> shut down the water supply
> activate emergency power generators
> actuate elevators
> open safety doors and gates
> control signal installations in front of bridges and tunnels
> control railway signal installations
> run data back-up programs
> stopping sensitive production machines

Overall, a EMS system is able to control up to a maximum of 8 different electronically operated energy systems and building installations.

Earthquake detector secty lifePatron® MASTER

In case of an alarm, the earthquake detector MASTER, decides on triggering of an optical/acoustic alarm of all sirens connected to PS as well as on the actuation of electronic energy and building installations connected to EMS.


If the „PRETRIGGER“ turns up in the display the system has measured and analyzed seismic vibrations of low intensity or ground vibrations (not on the basis of earthquakes) which are not strong enough to generate an alarm signal, because in normal case they are no potential danger for humans and environment.

This „PRETRIGGER“ is activated only if the threshold is adjusted >01. If the adjusted threshold is = 01 the system directly generates an alarm signal instead of a „PRETRIGGER”.

Building Control System

The advanced earthquake early warning system can also be integrated easily into an already existing building control system so that all electronically operating apparatuses/ energy supply systems being influenceable in their functions by earthquakes can be switched to safe positions in case of an earthquake.

Public Warning System

The redundant detector can also be used as city- or village advanced earthquake early warning system. In this case large capacity sirens are used. The numbers of siren horns to be used depend on the size of the area surface to be covered by the advanced earthquake early warning system and of course also on its topography (e.g. mountains and valleys, high- or low density areas etc.).

The sirens can be connected to a network and can be activated wirelessly.

Industrial Plants

Naturally, in case of an earthquake the alarm signal of the advanced earthquake early warning system can also be used to bring plant and machinery of industrial enterprises in a safe operating status. The municipal energy supplier Basel/Switzerland e.g. are using the advanced earthquake early warning system secty lifePatron® for automatic gas shut off for the complete city.



Earthquake detector

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