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Every second counts

The period between the alarm and the actually perceptible, destructive earthquake usually is no more than a few seconds. This depends on the distance between the location of secty lifePatron® and the epicenter of the earthquake.

The depth of origin of the tremor and the state of the geological formation play a role, too.

At the actual Chilean earthquake from 02-27-2010 the advanced earthquake early warning time in Santiago de Chile was 30 seconds.

Seconds that may save your life!








Modern building management with
secty lifePatron®

Ruptured gas and water pipes, as well as open live high voltage wires represent an additional danger for the population and the environment. Likewise, building installations such as elevators represent a danger for the occupant of a building in case of an earthquake. The advance earthquake warning system and security system secty lifePatron® also offers a solution for this scenario: in case of an earthquake, a modern energy management system immediately shuts down or controls energy systems and electronic building installations. If necessary, gas, electricity and water supply lines can be shut down immediately, and the system "parks" elevators, and immediately blocks them against further use.

Today, secty lifePatron® is an indispensable part of modern building management in earthquake-endangered regions. In combination with earthquake-resistant construction, secty lifePatron® assures a maximum of security for the building and its inhabitants.

Access to the energy management is obtained by entering a security code by authorized persons only.

The advance earthquake warning and security system secty lifePatron® is available in two versions: secty lifePatron® TA and sectylifePatron® TB

secty lifePatron® equipment is manufactured in accordance with stateof- the-art technologies and strict quality standards. The selection of our suppliers is also governed by this principle of performance and quality for the benefit of our customers.

In this respect, in the area of gas valves, sectyelectronics has selected the high-tech top-quality products and system solutions by a well-known, worldwide German supplier Karl Dungs GmbH &Co. KG.

Benefit from the customized solutions through consistent and professional planning

Our qualified planning team, our use of the most advanced electronic equipment and the modular design of our systems allow us to be responsive to the special needs of our customers. Tailor-made solutions guarantee an optimal security package and are available at a favorable price-performance ratio