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The television report about sectyelectronics and sectylifePatron on TV channel (3 Sat-NANO)

Earthquakes are part of the great natural disasters of our world. Most modern electronics and the knowledge of the science around the connections of earthquakes permit today placing systems next to disposal which are able to generate in front of warning times from the characteristic readings of the ground movements at appearing strong earthquakes.

Earthquake simulation at
Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

The system of the company  sectyelectronics GmbH has discovered a great resonance at international disaster management, relief organizations and also for authorities and politicians. Because the technical conception is very safe and also the costs uniquely worldwide. That’s why the TV channel (3 Sat-NANO) has made a report about sectyelectronics and secty lifePatron at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. The responsible person at the University is Prof. Dr. Jentzsch. 


At the construction of the test               green diagram =
equipment Dipl. Ing. Karl-Heinz             data of a real earthquake from the past
Jäckel from GFZ-Potsdam and a             red diagram =
technical engineer Mr. Brunner              system gives alarm in a fraction of
from University Jena                               second by arriving of P wave

The system was tested on the "swinging table" of the institute with real earthquake data.

These tests carried out were filmed by the camera team present at the same time and the ones involved could convince themselves of the function ability of the system.In the interview Prof. Dr. Jentzsch spoke without exception positively about the system.

The television report about sectyelectronics and sectylifePatron on TV channel (3 Sat-NANO) of 7-17-2007can directly looked online now.

sectyelectronics GmbH
thanks Prof. Dr. Jentzsch and also the GFZ Potsdam for the good support